About Us


Mckenzie Design & Drafting (MDD) is a design firm with over 20 years experience in Eugene, Oregon and surrounding areas and is now located in Tuscola, TX.  We help our clients find design solutions for their custom dream homes, additions and Tennant improvements. We take the design from initial conception to presentation-ready construction drawings for permit submittal.

The MDD team works closely with each client during the preliminary phase of the design to accurately capture the vision the client has for their space. MDD then goes to work creating a design that stays true to that vision while accounting for functionality, costs, and construction/engineering parameters.

Once the preliminary design has been approved by the client, working drawings are developed in preparation for permit submittal.

Since 2001, Mckenzie Design & Drafting has been designing dream homes in the Greater Eugene area, Lane County, the Oregon Coast & Central Oregon. MDD has moved to the Abilene, TX area and is helping clients in Texas and Oregon. 


Founded in 2001 by draftsman/designer Garold Ropp, Mckenzie Design & Drafting began with a different name, GDR Drafting & Design. Working out of his home, he delivered beautifully functional and economically pleasing designs to each of his clients. He placed as much care into the relationship with each client as he did with the precision of his drawings.

Through national economic turmoil and the rollercoaster that is the housing market, Garold held onto his passion, and his business continued to change and grow. His emphasis on valuing the relationship with the client throughout the design process was shared through word of mouth over several years, resulting in hundreds more relationships with new clients, each one pleased with Garold’s product. With the new growth, a new name was in order: Mckenzie Design & Drafting. 

In 2020, when the world stopped, his business did not. A demand for home improvement and new dream homes spiked. He hired his son, Zach as a designer to help with the influx of new projects. His wife, Steffanie stepped in to help organize the clerical side of the business so that Garold could continue to focus on his passion: developing client relationships and delivering excellent designs that fulfill their vision. MDD moved to Tuscola, TX in April of 2022 and continues to deliver quality designs and drawings to clients in Oregon and Texas, fulfilling Garold’s life-long passion.