Does MDD sell Floor Plans?

MDD is currently assembling floor plans to sell at a later date. These will include floor plans, elevations and all necessary construction drawings & documents for MDD original designs.

We are projected to begin releasing them soon- stay tuned!


Where do I start my New Home/Addition project?

Right here! You're in the right place. Before plans are submitted to the local government for permitting, you need plans. Before you select a contractor to build your project, you need something to build. Contractors need a full set of plans to make an accurate bid for a client.

MDD is where your dream home begins.


Why Designer instead of Architect?

A good designer can create a superior custom design package (from conceptual ideas to final construction drawings to submit for local permits) for much less the cost than an architect.


What's the difference between an Architect and a Designer?

For home design and construction drawings, architects and designers are the same.

Both designers and architects:

1. Understand the practical application of engineering science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, and procedures to the design.

2. Possess design techniques, tools and principles involved in production of precision technical drawings and models. 

3. Know the materials and methods involved in the construction of houses, buildings. 

4. Consult with the client to determine functional and spatial requirements of a structure. 

5. Prepare scale drawings.

Architects typically have more overhead as well as the legal responsibilities required to design large commercial and industrial projects, which is a different skill set of the same nature. 

A good designer will be able to connect with the client to determine the scope, size and spatial design for comfortable and desirable living spaces. They also work closely with contractors and conduct onsite visits when necessary. Additionally, designers typically have low overhead and can pass the savings on to you. 


How long does the design process take?

In short; your project could take a few weeks, or it could take several months. From start to finish, all projects have a different timeline with many variables that expedite or delay its completion.

The variables can be seen throughout the design process:

Should you decide to employ the services of MDD for your project, a signed contract is submitted. Upon submission of the contract, your project enters the queue (this queue's length depends on the current workload of the company). 

When it's time to begin your project, MDD will arrange a meeting, in person or over the phone. All meetings with the client are intended to understand the vision of the client and communicate the direction the project is going. 

Generally speaking, up to two versions of a preliminary design are presented to the client before final changes are made and working drawings are prepared.

If advanced engineering is required for the project, the timeline is at the mercy of the engineering practice to which the plans were submitted.